TFA is a 501 (C) (3) registered organization (EIN# 80-0310493). Your donations qualify for tax deduction with IRS.  If you need a formal letter of receipt for your donation for tax purposes, please let us know and we will issue the letter.  We normally send an email acknowledgment to the donors.  Please donate for the cause (project) of your interest and you can be confident that your donation will be used for that cause (project).  We appreciate your help and support.

1.0 Fund Raise TitleCampaign for Preservation and Promotion of Tharu Cultural Heritage and History

This fund will be used for the projects that address Purpose #2 under TFA by-laws – “Help to protect and preserve Tharu identity and valuable cultural heritages such as arts, tradition, language, traditional knowledge, and history”

2.0 TFA provides scholarships to needy intelligent students on annual basis.  This fund is used for the scholarships.  Fund drive is year around.

3.0 General Donation to support other purposes identified on Section 2 of Article I of TFA by-laws.