TFA Celebrates Maghi 2022 in the New York City

Tharus and Friends Association celebrated Maghi 2022 in the New York City by distributing about 500 hand sanitizers and face masks to local community people. TFA would like to thank to local leaders and organiz...


TFA’s Participation in FIPNA’s 8th National Convention

Tharus and Friends Association represented the Federation of Indigenous Peoples of Nepal in America (FIPNA) 8th National Convention held in the New York City on December 19, 2021. TFA would like to thank to all...


Chicagoland Tharu Society (CTS) Rhinos Fund

Tharus and Friends Association (TFA) would like to congratulate Chicagoland Tharu Society (CTS) Rhinos for securing the Championship Cup during the soccer tournament held in 2021 summer. The CTS Rhinos in coord...

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Kaushila Chaudhary –N-Peace Award Winner of 2015

Kaushila Chaudhary was born into a Kamaiya (bonded-laborer) family in west Nepal. She worked as a Kamlari (bonded laborer) for 16 years before she was freed. She joined the human rights movement to free all Kam...

Our Projects

Dev N. Chaudhary – Nepal’s National Footballer

Dev N. Chaudhary is one of the best and most popular soccer (football) players of Nepal. He played many national and international games for Nepal leading to many victories. He is now retired, but his name is s...

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