About TFA

Tharus and Friends Association (TFA) is a non- profit and apolitical social organization. TFA was founded in 2006 and was registered with the State of New Mexico, USA in 2008. Since its establishment, TFA’s works are primarily focused in the following areas:

  • Supporting the interest and welfare of Tharu community.
  • Fostering friendship among Tharus and other Nepalese or non-Nepalese people in the US and abroad.
  • Promoting education in underprivileged Tharu community by providing scholarship and other support to intelligent and financially deprived students to pursue higher studies in Nepal.
  • Helping to protect and preserve the Tharu identity and valuable cultural heritages such as arts, culture, tradition, language, traditional knowledge, and history.

Besides its primary focus areas, TFA has also done various philanthropic works which include providing financial help for the rescue and rehabilitation of Kamlari (slavery) girls in Western Nepal and monetary support to the flood victims in Nepal in 2017. TFA’s other works are explained in the relevant topics on this website.