Our Projects

Our Projects

Kaushila Chaudhary –N-Peace Award Winner of 2015

Kaushila Chaudhary was born into a Kamaiya (bonded-laborer) family in west Nepal. She worked as a Kamlari (bonded laborer) for 16 years before she was freed. She joined the human rights movement to free all Kam...

Our Projects

Dev N. Chaudhary – Nepal’s National Footballer

Dev N. Chaudhary is one of the best and most popular soccer (football) players of Nepal. He played many national and international games for Nepal leading to many victories. He is now retired, but his name is s...

Our Projects

Seema Chaudhary – Barefoot Runner

Seema is also an athlete from Far-Western Region of Nepal who competed in women’s 800m run on barefoot at the 7th National Game in 2016 and won bronze medal. TFA initiated "Donate $5.00" campaign to collect fun...

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Keshari Chaudhary – National Athlete of Nepal

Keshari Chaudhary is a national athlete of Nepal. She has taken part in national and international games including South Asian Games and won medals in high jump, long jump, and triple jump.   Above three (...

Our Projects

Suma Tharu – Singing Kamlari song at 2012 Women in the World Summit

Suma Tharu from Bardiya District, Nepal sang a song at the opening ceremony of the third “Women in the World” summit at the Lincoln Center, New York, USA in March, 2012. She is a former Kamlari girl. Her song w...

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