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Kaushila Chaudhary –N-Peace Award Winner of 2015

Kaushila Chaudhary was born into a Kamaiya (bonded-laborer) family in west Nepal. She worked as a Kamlari (bonded laborer) for 16 years before she was freed. She joined the human rights movement to free all Kamlari girls, fought for banning the practice, and rehabilitating freed girls. She received the N-Peace Award in 2015 for her work in ending discrimination and gender-based violence against ex-Kamaiyas in Nepal. The N-Peace award program is established and run by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) under the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda. The awards are given out annually to recognize influential people who are peace builders advocating for issues affecting women in conflict areas in Asia. The TFA collaborated with NRN Illinois Chapter and Chicagoland Tharu Society (CTS) in 2016 to honor Kaushila Chaudhary and Sharmila Thapa in a program held in Chicago, IL.

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