Congratulations!  Tharus and Friends Association (TFA) is pleased to notify you that you have been selected to receive the scholarship for 2018-2019 academic year. Provided below is a full list of the recipients along with the amounts of the scholarship.

2018/2019 TFA Scholarship Recepients

NameAddressProgramScholarhip Amount (NRS)Nmed ScholarshipComments
Manika ChaudharySaptariIntermediate25,00
Roshan ChaudharyPupandehiIntermediate25,00
Piyush ChaudharySaptariIntermediate 25,00
Uptal TharuSaptariIntermediate 25,00
Samikshya Satgaiya DangIntermediate 25,00
Kalawati ChaudharySunsariBachelors30,000Basanti Devi Chaudhary Scholarship
Sunita ChaudharyDangadiBachelors25,000
Niharika ChaudharyDangBachelors25,000
Keshab ThanetNawalparasiBachelors25,000
Naresh TharuBardiyaBachelors30,000Saroj Chaudhary Scholarship