Some of the philanthropic works that TFA has done in the past 10 years

  • Providing scholarship to the students of underprivileged communities since 2008. As of
    2016/2017 academic year, TFA has provided scholarships to more than 60 students.
  •  Donated $1000.00 to Nepal Youth Foundation (INGO in Nepal) for the rescue and
    rehabilitation of Kamlari (slavery) girls.
  • Honored with certificate and monetary prize to National and International (including
    Olympian) Tharu athletes.
  •  Felicitated Nepali women –Suma Tharu and Kaushalya Chaudhary for their bold and
    courageous act or winning international award for their social work.
  • Financial support to the families of critically ill and seriously injured people in Nepal
    who were economically deprived. And also to the family with the loss of life.
  • Helped flood victims of Nepal in 2017.